Monday, February 16, 2009

Psycho Wyco Race Report

Saturday was the fifth installment of the Psycho Wyco 50k trail race sponsored by the Kansas City Trail Nerds out at Wyandotte Lake Country Park. There were 10 miles, 20 mile, and 50k (31 miles) distances, Sam and I both did the 50k. Sam had been training hard and I had been tapering hard since an ankle sprain out at Wyco one ill-fated night a couple weeks ago. It was about 25 degrees when the race started and close to 40 at the finish. The sun was out and it was a fun day for a race.

There were close to 300 people registered for all distances. Of the 125 or so registered for the 50k, around 80 finished.

Sleet on Thursday made for some slippery trails during the first and second laps.

Sam at one of the water crossings. As it warmed up, the trail got very muddy. The water crossings helped clean some of the mud off our shoes. The mud on the second half of lap two and lap three was thick and really slowed the pace down.
Me taking it easy leaving the Wyandotte triangle. Sam finishing lap 1.
For awhile I ran with guy from Springfield who registered for the race because of the interesting name and course sections. I gave him the Wyco "tour" pointing out the triangle, fall down hill (which didn't disappoint), Misery Ridge, Fester's Wander, and all the others. He picked up his dog for laps 2 and 3 for some hilarious hijinks. The dog was not used to running in leaves, which made for some entertainment.
Sam ended up taking third overall for females. We both finished just over 7 hours. The frozen ground made for some very slippery sections. I saw a few roadies go cloud watching. Luckily my ankle held and I avoided any major spills. Sam wiped out hard enough to bruise both elbows. For the next week she will get concerned looks at the grocery store.
As usual the race was well-marked and had great support. I think we each brought home 20 lbs of mud, which will have to get returned shortly.

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