Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finishing Up Some Projects

The weather this weekend was perfect, 60's and 70's in February. We grilled out and only got some work done on the house after it cooled down on Sunday.
Since Monday is Sam's birthday we needed a cake. One morning a few months ago we were getting coffee and there was a little girl explaining what type of birthday cake she wanted. So Sam said she wanted a purple cake with pink frosting, polka dots, and sparkles. I had to get what she wanted. Red velvet cake with extra frosting, mmm. It even has sparkles.

This shelf for the bathroom has been sitting in the garage for months. Sam painted it so I guess it had to go up. You can see the brick towards the bottom is fine, but the brick on top doesn't look very clean. Since it is the back of the fireplace they let the apprentice do the work for practice. It must have been this guy's first try. The shelf has extruded aluminum tract for the doors same as the sliding doors above the closet in the second bedroom. I got the idea from our neighbor Eric who used them on his bath vanity. The doors are leftover glass from the bathroom/living room wall.

A little more storage, a place to put the kleenex box, and it hides the ugly brick. Not too shabby.

It preparation for finishing the drywall in the master bedroom, I had to block out a new vent opening. The master originally had two, but I gave one to the second bedroom when we made it bigger. After building the closet in the second bedroom this amount of drywall looks tame. Plus it will be the last of the drywall for a long time.
I tend to only show pictures of in-progress or finished items. Here is a shot of our hall into the bathroom. The mattress has been there since November and yes we have been walking on subfloor to get to the bathroom since last summer. Oh, I can feel the new carpet now.
The birch for the second bedroom got a couple coats of polyurethane this weekend. They should get mounted this week.

The transmission on my truck died last week and I have been forced to drive the convertible to work. At least it isn't snowing.

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