Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting Closer

Another Nera picture. She really likes all of the openings in the house and uses them to elude Portland. Now that I am in KC and the daily grind has started we get some things accomplished during the week. Here is the update.
The last pieces got installed to finish out the glass panels.
I pushed the panels as far toward the living room as possible but that left a space on the top open. A birch piece nicely finished it off. You can see by the birch wall that I started installing trim this weekend too.
Instead of buying luan to template the vanity for the concrete sink/countertop, I used some leftover birch pieces. I spent all saturday afternoon putting together the mold for the countertop/sink. The sink bottom and inset are installed but I ran out of material for the rest of the sink portion. Making the countertop mold is different. Everything has to be designed in inverse and assembled backwards so it can be take apart once the concrete has cured.
Molds for the backsplashes.
We grilled out some pork tenderloin. I really like out outdoor grill.
Tomorrow will be a big day. We have to be up at 4:30 because Sam has a race and I am flying to Chicago tomorrow night. Time for bed I guess.

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