Saturday, August 9, 2008

Psycho Night Race Report and Saturday Progress

Friday night we both ran the Psycho night 10k trail race at Wyco park. It started just as the sun went down and was lots of fun. The weather was cool and relatively bug free. Running the wyco triangle in the dark was great, you never knew which direction was next. 78 people raced and Sam took 4th for the women.
There was only a little mud out there.
It was a little raining on saturday. While I worked on the bathroom the other three made sure the bed didn't get away.
I got the toilet valve installed and managed to get the floor tile grouted. I am such a concrete nerd. The grout is latex polymer and epoxy-modified.
I also got all of the bathroom closet shelves painted. The bathroom closet is 2 ft by 2 ft and has lots of storage. Sam worked on the closet door and continued refinishing the sliding door for the bathroom.
I got the bath vanity stained too.
Since we had a productive day I did some cooking in the new kitchen. I made sweet curry rice with red peppers and tandoori talapia. It is so nice to have a kitchen again.

Tomorrow, install the toilet? We can only hope.

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