Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shastoration Sunday

This weekend was a big work weekend on the trailer. Next Friday is first Fridays and the shop will be open so we wanted something to show off.

My structural engineer provided shop drawings with a fairly large radius for the rear portion. I had to be creative to get it laid out. The pencil on a string approach seemed to work.
 Sam dictated sizes and doubled-checked cuts while we laid out the wall on the floor. It was nice to have a big space to lay everything out.

We picked up a couple pieces of angle to cut and make connections. Sam cleaned up the burrs and drilled pilot holes while I cut the big pieces.
 Little by little one half came together.

The end pieces were glued and pocket screwed together. It took about 8 hours to get one wall completed and my back and knees are pretty sore from bending over. I may take the next weekend off to recover.

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