Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fresh Air

The storms managed to miss Kansas City and we got to spend the either weekend outside working in the yard. Sam decided to pull all of the mulch against the house on the patio and clean it up with rock and new planters.
 Removing the mulch and placing weed screen.

We also tore out a sickly grass and mulch section above the grill. Every time it rained the mulch ended up on the patio and just made a mess. Saturday we picked up some sod to stabilized the slope.

The garden is well underway at this point. Tomatoes are planted, peas are up, lettuce and spinach look good, and garlic is getting big. I mulched around the beds and they look brand new.

And in the meantime some work happened on the trailer. The floor is finished and painted. The next step is to spray the underside with soundproofing and then walls. 

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