Monday, April 2, 2012

Overdue Updates

This is the first of a couple overdue posts. We spent the last week in Belize relaxing and in the meantime it got warm, very warm, at home and the garden/yard has exploded. Tonight or tomorrow we should get time to post some more updates. Anyway, here goes.
I made some progress on the trailer. The framing members on a Shasta are only 3 inches deep so the treated 2x4s had to get ripped down. Here the mounting holes are drilled and all carriage bolts are test fit. The original bolts were 3/8 inch plain steel. We are going back with 1/2 inch galvanized. From the general deterioration of the original undercarriage I highly doubt they used treated or even sealed wood for the framing.
 For the flooring we ended up going with the zip system which is OSB panels with a water proof fiberglass coating on one side. On houses this eliminates the normal moisture barrier when a special tape is used to seal the seams. Zip only makes wall and roof panels so the trailer got the 1/2 inch wall version.

Here are the panels during test fitting. The wheel well is just sitting on the tire and will end up getting attached to the floor from the underside. The flooring will get bolted, glued, and screwed to the wooden framing so there should be no squeaks. After everything is installed I will undercoat for some extra water resistance. 

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