Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day is Coming, Time for Work

The word is that the hot weather is going to break tomorrow and fall will be here. We haven't done much at all this summer on the house. It has been too hot to work outside and too hot to work on any house projects in the garage. We are both looking forward to making some progress on unfinished projects this weekend.

Not much is going to happen with the trailer this fall but I thought some reference pictures would be good. Ours is all original, which at this point means it smells like 50 years of people hanging out in a 10'x6' space. Other than the wings, ours looks just like the original ad, at least on the outside. It originally had the top floor plan. The table and benches are gone so it is a clean slate. We are going to end up modifying it to something like the bottom layout.
Not too bad. Since aluminum doesn't really deteriorate the skin is hiding some very rotten wood.

All of the aluminum Hehr windows and screens are intact and work. I can get restoration parts and these will be back like new.

The screen door frame is in tact and in good shape. Right now it is in easy access mode.

The inside currently resembles a hobo lounge. There is very little to keep in here. Notice the little high window. There is a fold out sleeping shelf for a couple little kids and the window is for ventilation.

The vintage laminate paneling is not going to be replaced. We have lots of work before this is ready for a trip.

Ok, shifting gears to some in-progress projects. This space is currently the furnace nook with a toilet. There used to be blinds you could pull for some (little) privacy. I have been slowly working on turning this into a more true half bath. The project has stalled mostly because of the heat, but I should make some good progress this weekend.

Some solids doors will go on so people on the patio can't watch. Notice the light switch. That was step one. The tile was in pretty bad shape and has all been removed. There is a pretty good dip in the concrete and self-leveling grout will be needed before new tile goes back in. The plumbing is in for a sink.

The tile has been removed and cut to make space for the bottom track of the sliding door system. We got a very nice three track Johnson hardware system. This is a pretty small space and pictures are hard so don't expect them to get any better.

Random picture of the day. An owl was hanging out in front. It just sat and watched us all afternoon.

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