Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fruits of Our Labors

Overall it was a very productive Labor Day, at least by the "I can't believe what washed off me in the shower" comments. We grilled out with neighbors, Sam worked on getting flower beds tamed, and I worked on the second bathroom. Since the bathroom picture aren't that exciting, here is a gratuitous trailer shot.

Hey, I said these weren't very exciting but I posted a lot to ensure you that I did in fact work all weekend on this project. First step in turning the furnace nook into a bathroom was building a bulkhead to square up pipes.
Not too bad. There were five pipes/cords that run through this section.

Hey what about one on the other side to hide the electrical. Notice the switch, closer to a bathroom.

We ended up with a three door Johnson hardware sliding door kit. It was a tight fit top and bottom. Since the concrete slopes toward the drain, needless to say the world isn't flat here.

Sunday morning call to Jerad "hey where are you at.... Lowes why?... Stay there I need you to haul some plywood home for me" Three custom fit birch plywood doors later you can't see me pee.

After that on Sunday all I had energy for was filling a big hole with floor leveler.

Monday was for tiling. I hate cutting porcelain tile. But hey, doesn't it look original, that was what we were going for? Now to grout, install door hardware, finish the doors, and build/install a vanity. No problem.

Saturday we did a trial smoke on the egg with a turkey. Never mind my frowning expression, it was delicious.

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