Monday, August 15, 2011

Our First Trailer?

The talk around the circle this summer has often been of redoing an airstream. Every time we start drinking the idea keeps coming up and getting kicked around. After checking on the towing capacity of the element, unfortunately all airstreams were out of the picture. Here and there we started looking at ultra-lightweight trailers that were originally designed to by pulled by cars. The good part is that in the 60's there were lots of little trailers to load up the family and head west on vacation. The bad part is that they were cheap and not treated very well. Most have been modified or have just rotted away.

Well because we don't have anything better to do (insert sarcasm), we ended up finding a project. It is pretty rough and needs a complete redo and will be good motivation to finish up those nagging house projects this fall.

It's a 1965 Shasta compact, 12 feet from the tongue to the bumper and originally listed at 1125 lbs. It is all original and prime for restoration. It has aluminum louvre windows with screens. There is a little kitchen, icebox, closet, benches around a table, little pull out bunkbed for for little kids. There has been leakage around the back window and the seat supports are shot.
The plan is to restore it for a home base for vacations and for races.


Delia said...

I am officially jealous! I have been trying to talk LD into getting an old trailer to rehab, but have not been successful so far. So I will have to live through your adventure, looking forward to your progress updates.

John said...

It's not going to be for a little while. This is supposed to be motivation for finish up some house projects.