Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mid-Summer Slump

Luckily last week we got to escape the heat of Kansas City for the mountains. I had a conference in Golden and Sam came out for the weekend. The weather was perfect, sunny, cooler, low humidity, just perfect.

What to do in Golden, Coors' tour of course.

The Coors brewery in Golden is the largest single-site brewery in the US.

It was a self-guided tour and we quickly guided ourselves to the tasting room. Coors has a "short" tour for the School of Mines students who refer to it as Coors lab. We each got three real sized beers in glass glasses.

Overall a very nice tour with lots of memorabilia.

From one tour

to the next.

After carb loading we managed to do some running in the mountains. From our hotel all trails headed up.

It sure was a bright sun. The run up was pretty slow, but the run down that was fun.

After Sam left I managed to get in a couple other runs. I headed up South Table Top Mountain which overlooks the town and

the brewery.

I also made it up to Buffalo Bill's grave site, or at least on of them. He and his wife got divided up between a few towns.

Back at home it is hot and humid. I can't get any good pictures because the camera fogs up. Yes, that is a giant sunflower.

The poor fall starts. My beans all died and only a couple broccoli made it. At this point I am looking forward to next year.

One splash of color, the red belgiums are getting close. So funny that they grow upside down.

I found that cucumber in the gutter. The peppers are plugging along and that's about it.

We have been needing some motivation to get a few house projects finished. Nothing like a new big project to move the little ones along. Stay tuned for something cool.

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