Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Too Hot

It's too hot. I just ran in the morning which is something I hate to do. All of the plants are looking pathetic. So here is a quick summary.

What's Going Well

- Bees, we have lots of honey bees in the garden and around the yard and they look healthy. The flowers are doing a good job of keeping them coming in.

- Sorry that's it.

What's Not Going so Well

- The yard is dead or hopefully just dormant. I have been watering but it is too hot for the young roots. We have huge completely brown patches.

- The garden is slowly dying. We are still getting some cucumbers and peppers that set before the heat. Nothing has set since it got hot.

- The poor worms are starting to die from the heat. We moved them to a shaded area next to the garage and I built a more open enclosure. Today I looked and found a bunch of lethargic smaller worms but nobody very big. Poor worms.

- I am having really spotty germination on all of the fall crops. The broccoli and beans just don't want to take and the carrots are moving slow. I am getting close to just ripping everything out and waiting for next year.

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