Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hey Look! We are famous

in a semi-obscure kind of way. Both of the blogs have google analytics but I rarely look at them. Today at lunch I logged on and realized that about a month ago we had another huge spike in hits. Turns out Apartment Therapy's re-nest blog did a post on our herb planter boxes, which were modeled after Thomas' salad table. Kind of funny since these are leftover scrap from Jerad's garage and about $3 in parts from Home Depot and take 5 minutes to put together.

Since they were so popular here is an update. The back concrete wall gets lots of sunlight, but is also a squirrel highway. In short order they cleaned out everything but the thyme. So Sam picked up replacement herbs and the boxes have been moved to a wall on the patio and out of the squirrelway.

The dimensions are 20"x20"x3.5" and about as big as you would want it. I can move them around without a problem carrying them like a laundry basket. Sam might not think they are so mobile.

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