Monday, May 16, 2011

The Answer is Three Years

The question is, How long does it take living in Kansas City before you buy a smoker? A week and a half ago I picked up a Big Green Egg smoker/grill, this weekend was the maiden voyage. I woke up early on Sunday morning, fired it up and then went and ran the Five Trails Half Marathon in Leavenworth. It was ridiculously hilly. The only flat spots on the course were the tangents up or down the hills. Anyway, I had been training for this one for a long time and had a good race. I averaged 7:40 miles for about an 8 minute PR.

After the race I headed home to tend the grill. I rubbed down a pork butt the previous night. Before the race I filled it with charcoal and it didn't take long to light. The temperature went from 0 to 700F in about 10 minutes. I choked it back, threw the meat on and headed to the race.
The big green eggs have air feeds on the bottom and top. These openings were pretty much closed the entire day. Once the temperature got to 250F it remained there all day without any tending.

I'm sold. The pork butt was delicious and very little work. After I pulled it off I opened the vents and let the temperature climb. It got hot and burned of all the drippings which made the neighborhood smell great.

So besides running and smoking, we did some work around the house. Things to note in the garden, the first cucumber reached the trellis. Five tomatoes are blooming.

The peas show no signs of stopping. They are big and I had to use me as a reference for size.

This is my PVC vertical pea trellis. I was only planning on two levels, well it is up to four and 5 feet tall.

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