Sunday, May 1, 2011

Great Weekend For a

Nap. I was working in the yard on Saturday and came in to this. The cats convinced Sam to help them take a nap.

And at least Saturday was a good day to work on the yard. Radishes are coming along well.
This week I had a major battle, or a major loss, with the squirrels. They ate my potted tomatoes, all my herbs, half of the flowers, and destroyed a bunch of the onions. I purchased some hot pepper spray to keep them off of the raised beds. We will see if it works. This tomato is trying to come back.

We have been eating salads out of the garden. Baker Creek's rocky top salad mix is very nice with lots of different kinds mixed in.
The peas are growing like weeds. I am going to have to build a third level for them since they are already over 3 ft tall.

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