Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Warning: This Post May Cause Cancer in the State of California

I'm so glad we don't live in California - everything out there causes cancer! There was a warning on our fridge in the hotel not to use it for dairy or medicine. There was a warning on the jet bridge that the air in the jet bridge may contain jet fuel and jet fuel causes cancer. There was a warning on the outside of the hotel that food and drink served in the hotel may cause cancer. Everywhere we turned, there was a warning sign for something that was trying to kill us.

On our way to Palm Springs, we saw a giant find farm. Huge.
Here's a shot from our hotel balcony in San Diego.

We found a DWR Bambi parked on the side of the street in Palm Springs.

A cool bridge on our way to Palm Springs. I'm a sucker for a concrete arch bridge.

We saw lots of birds. Lots of big birds.

An avocado stand on the side of the road, not too far from the dinosaurs we found.

Another big bird.

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