Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Modern View from Palm Springs

The architecture in Palm springs is as cool as all the magazines portray it. We got into town and drive to the visitor's center to pick up a map for the modern homes driving tour.
The international film festival was going on, but everything was pretty quiet in town. We looked around some of the modern furniture shops and stopped by the Shag store.
The hotel Del Marcos, check out that door.
The Elvis honeymoon house.
We stayed at the Horizon hotel which is a restored mid-century hotel.
While showering you can see people walking around outside, pretty wild.
The courtyard at the Horizon.
The coolest hotels have triangle-shaped pools.
The Kaufman house.
We looked through the gates at the Orbit Inn.
Sinatra's place.
Swiss miss A-frame.
Not on the modern homes tour, just a regular house for Palm Springs.
And another one.
and another one, with a butterfly roof.
Love the driveway.
Sun coming up over the mountains.
And this what we came home to.
If you like modern architecture, Palm Springs is pretty great.

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LD said...

Nice! Sounds like you had a great time and lots of eye candy!!!