Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Last week we made our annual pilgrimage back to Wisconsin for lots of food, cheese, and beer. In the element we fit:
9 balsam wreaths,
8 festive bows,
7 kinds of cheese,
6 pounds of sausage,
5 cases of beer,
4 bundles of bows,
3 bottles of wine,
2 crappy colds, and
1 8 ft. Christmas tree
After Thanksgiving dinner I was so full I needed help digesting food. Our nieces and nephew helped by bouncing on my stomach. They are so fun to play with, but were typhoid Marys with colds. I think we managed to pass it on to everyone in my family the next day.
The medium sized dog costumes still fit Portland well. I am a little weary as to what presents he is going to leave us.
We picked out a nice 8 ft. balsam tree. Nera and Sam decorated it last night,
and undecorated it,
and rearranged the ornaments.

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