Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cheese, Beer, and Holiday Cheer

The old fashioned party was a smashin success. This weekend we had our Wisconsin-themed Christmas party. At Thanksgiving we brought back a bunch of cheese, sausage, and beer for the party. Sam made venison stew. Jason and Kelly had a Tom and Jerry taste off, and I made our delicious version of the brandy old fashioned sweet. Our neighbors and a few friends stopped by for the evening.
Sam working on the delicious venison stew.
After simmering all afternoon, the venison was so tender. The stew had some spice and was really good.
Danny modeling both the Tom and Jerry and the old fashioned. Quiet on this end of the living room.
A little more action over here.
Mark keeping his backside warm.
I believe this was a discussion on the greatest illustrator ever. Norman Rockwell won.
Nera recovering in her fortress of solitude under the tree.
Thanks to everybody that stopped by, we had lots of fun. Merry Christmas!

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