Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010!

Ah, the holidays! Time for family, food, travel, and chaos in general. We left the cats at home and packed up the Element for the trip to Wisco. Much more room than the trip back with our 8ft Christmas tree.
Dinner at the Great Dane. Wisconsin Cheddar Mac n Cheese, of course. And like any good German restaurant, it's served with a pretzel.

Me and my little brother.

Like any good aunt, I gave the two littlest one chocolate. I did make them stay in the kitchen so none got on the carpet.
Chocolate is always a hit.

This was the "Shake Your Booty" dance.

Here's the Muppet!

First gift. (Spoiler alert, it's a tent)

I love these kids.
Life when boxes are just as good as the gifts.
Baby Jesus was a cowboy.
No explanation needed. Although, after this holiday season, I could go without cheese (and sausage) for quite a while.
And last but definitely not least - Ugly Sweater Party!
I'd like to think that I won. But Coco the Dog and Tyson, the littlest guy, were in a close tie for second.

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