Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Frozen Pipes

Cold weather and this Revere Home don't mix. Our shower froze last year. Last weekend we froze everything. On Friday the main line into the house froze, it is even inside. So I spent the day insulating that. Then on Saturday the shower, dishwater, and kitchen sink lines froze. Actually everything under the sink froze including the dish soap and olive oil. So we thawed out everything, but I had to cut some drywall to get at the freeze. Thank goodness we didn't split any pipes, yet.
Anyway, this is a more relaxing picture than the next. Yep, the best way to inspect your tiling job is from the backside. Luckily this is in a closet so I can install an access panel without too much trouble. See that little blue cold water line run on the outside of the house, it's the problem.
This is why the tub freezes up, nothing below! While a very cool design feature, very hard to properly insulate. I did my best, but next summer this section gets redone.
Onto something else. Last weekend I did some mid-century cooking. At Christmas I picked up my grandmother's old rotisserie. It got rubbed in orange zest, garlic, and Italian spices. This was pretty much all afternoon, Portland was mesmerized.
Golden brown and delicious.
Sam packed up the Christmas stuff and managed to get the little tree skirt on Portland, so he had to go outside. I think he looks quite regal.

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LD said...

Oh geez. I am sorry to hear about your freezing water lines. I hope you all can manage the lines through the winter. The good news is that we are supposed to get temps in the 30s next week.