Monday, January 25, 2010

A Few Updates

Other than some planning, we haven't done much around the house lately. It has been kind of nice just living there without any on-going projects. That being said, here is the list for the upcoming year in no particular order:
1. Turn the furnace room into a true half bath
2. Replace the tile/stairs in the entryway
3. Finish epoxy-coating the garage floor
4. Finish organizing the garage
5. Build a raised garden
6. Build breakfast bar for kitchen
6. Continue concrete projects: tulip table for patio, countertop for kitchen ledge, patio lights, planter for bathroom
See we did have lots of snow.

All the snow has melted except for a little from this pile.
Careful kids, these can kill.
Spring is around the corner. Sam's bonsai has new growth.

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