Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Pictures

This weekend we ran, ate, drank, and did just a little on the house. The second bedroom needed some minor joint compound and paint, but that takes long to dry with nothing to show. Tonight, John is in DC so I put the last of the paint on the closet door frame and did a little patching near an outlet. Since that's not worth any pictures, here are some random ones.

The bird feeder temporarily is on our patio table. I'm sure it will be the cool place to hang, if you're a bird.

When I came home, it was clear Nera had a busy day. At least there were no mice in the water dish or missing their heads.

Here are two of my Christmas presents - bonsai! They both had a little bit of a trim when I brought them home and now I'm just waiting until spring for new growth. I'm still trying to find a good spot with the right amount of light and no access for cats. So far, no signs of distress but then again, it's only been a few weeks. The first is a Japanese Juniper. Very cool. He won't take much pruning, mostly maintenance.

I'm not sure what this one is yet. It's leaves look similar to rosemary. He's going to need a little more lovin'. I don't think he was well trained before I got him, but his trunk has the start of a nice curve.

Hopefully this weekend we can put the finishing touches on the second bedroom and move our stuff in there. I can almost see the end of the drywall tunnel! From there it's carpet, trim and paint. Hallelujah!

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