Friday, January 2, 2009

It's In My Hair

If the past couple days are any indication, 2009 will be a very productive year. Sam and I both took off today to make some serious progress in the second bedroom. I sanded drywall most of the morning while Sam got Christmas stuff put away. I haven't been that dirty in a long while. Look drywall, smooth drywall.This is a shot from inside the closet back towards the door.
Dust was in my hair, ears, eyes, nose, and everywhere else. The entire house was covered in a fine dust. We needed to clean anyway.

A couple coats of primer later and everything looks uniform enough.

At this point the idea of painting or doing anything that isn't drywall, sounds great.

The weather was great today, 50s and sunny. Sam got some more of her tulip bulbs planted.

The living room seems so big without the Christmas tree.

Tomorrow I heard it will be 58, oh January in KC, pretty nice!

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