Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Saturday morning we ran tenish miles in what snow was left before starting to work on the house. I had been gone to Washington DC most of the week and Sam had been busy at work so the house needed a top to bottom clean. She did lots of cleaning while I wrapped up some nagging little items.
The backsplash in the bathroom has been begging for a second grouting since early December. Grouting around the sink and faucets takes a little time and patience, which I normally don't have.
A little clean up work to go, but it is pretty much finished.

A nice view of the slope in the sink.

I got the trim and birch doors installed above the closet to cover the big hole. The panels still need to be sealed and need some sort of finger slot for opening/closing them. This room is odd, when I upload the pictures the green color becomes much more of a pea green shade. The actual color is lighter and better looking.

This is the entrance to the second bedroom that will eventually be birch paneling. I managed to get the section by the lightswitch fitted. Three more pieces to go. Since the second bedroom will be for visitors, we are going with a more modern theme. Hence the light green walls, blond birch, and a few cool furniture pieces.

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