Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh the Joys of Home Ownership

It has been cold around the ranch and consequently some things broke. First, Sam's garage door opener has been slowly dying and in the cold weather finally died. I opened up the case and it looked like snow from the shredded nylon gears. Sunday was spent making the new opener fit into the old spot. They were "almost" the same size which made fitting the new one harder than if their mounts were completely different. As long as no children walk under the door until I get the sensors installed we are in business.
Then, Tuesday morning no water in the shower, hmmmm. Well a little very hot water, but not enough to do more than make me mad. Since the sink and toilet had water and after running shower for a long time with no improvement, I figured it was a bad valve and called the plumber. He concurred that it sounded like a bad valve and slid us into the schedule. Just to be sure I bought a little space heater and pointed it up into the empty space where the water lines run. A couple hours of concentrated hot air and still nothing so it has to be a valve, right? Our plumber shows up and sure enough it worked just fine. Luckily they installed flexible PVC water lines and those don't split when they freeze. In the near future we will have to blow insulation into the wall and try and get things shipshape. Our shower/bathtub is cantilevered off the side of the house and does not have anything underneath. Very cool architecturally, not the best for keeping things warm.
Anyway, here is a nice picture of the snow in the backyard.

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jerad said...

might I recomend pouring a little alcohol down the drain as well on those especially windy nights. I bet there is a good chance that your trap in the tub drain freezes as well....lets just say that I know from experience