Sunday, December 28, 2008

Good To Be Home

We made it back from Christmas in Wisconsin. The trip there was a little hairy with white-out conditions in Iowa, but we got there in one piece. We had a good Christmas and managed to see just about everyone on the list. Big thanks to Jerad for watching the house while we were gone.
My parents got us a Pearsall coffee table produced by Craft Associates from the 1960's. It has walnut legs with a very thick glass top. My mom and sister purchased it last spring at a flee market in Chicago, even before we got the house. Eventually it will go in front of our loveseat. A very sturdy support for a few cocktails.
When in Rome, or at least Wisconsin. Since we won't be back for some months, we made the compulsory stop at the liquor store for some good beer. One other thing I got for Christmas was a beer frig for the garage. All I need is a cot and there will be no reason to come inside, well except for my loving wife.
Here is the to do list for early next year
1. Set a date for the tiki party (everybody is invited, we will let you know when)
2. Finish drywalling the second bedroom
3. Prime and paint the second bedroom
4. Hang the closet doors in the second bedroom
5. Hang the birch wall in the second bedroom
6. Build the closet in the master bedroom
7. Finish drywalling the master bedroom
8. Prime and paint the master bedroom, hall, and rest of the living room
9. Get new carpet installed in the bedrooms, hall, and living room
10. Install new trim
Well, I better get to work. Happy New Year!