Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hillview Tree Farm, Westfield WI

We spent the last half of Thanksgiving weekend at my parent's tree farm, Hillview Tree Farm, up in Westfield, WI. John claims to be the state's most-educated tree baler.

I love the smell of fir in the wintertime! No real snow (until the drive back to KC) but the weather was nice. Just look at all the Christmas cheer!

Here's John operating the tree baler. Brand new, 1968 technology! Just watch your fingers, avoid the fumes, and don't stand too close. We can bale children and spouses, but that is an additional cost.

Hmm, by the prices posted, looks like John would cost about $30. Maybe I could get more for him in the city.

Here I am with my "kill". We were going to get an 8-foot tree, but I found a beautiful balsam fir that was closer to 10 or 11 feet. It went through the baler and into the truck, no problem. We had to make some adjustments once we got it into the house. (Thank you Sweetie)

Six inches shorter, several branches lighter, and an hour later, it was in the tree stand and standing on it's own. The next time you see or talk to John, make sure to mention what a gorgeous tree we have. I would appreciate it. :) We decorated last night, listened to the Rat Pack's Christmas CD and enjoyed some Berghoff beer we brought back. The cats are delighted, it's like a Toy Tree, just for them. We each guessed how many ornaments would be on the floor this morning, but surprisingly, it was only one.

I had to turn the flash off to get the lights, so it's a blurry picture but you get the idea.

I brought back a wreath for the garage, too. I'm hoping to get to Christmas lights up this weekend, but it might not happen. We've been working on Nall's Room to try to get it a little more liveable before his visit this weekend. Sidenote: I hate drywall and joint compound.

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