Saturday, October 18, 2008

Running and concrete

That pretty much sums up saturday. Sam and I did the Kansas City half marathon in the morning. Sam got a PR of 1:56. We had perfect fall weather and I spent the day polishing the countertop with the garage doors open. Polishing is DONE, yippee!
So after polishing I decided to test fit the fixtures and realized I pulled a "John is a moron" moment. When I measure for the fixture knockout holes I only measured the diameter of the faucet. However, the supply handles have a bigger diameter. Well some quick thinking and a trip to Harbor Freight for masonry hole saw fixed the problem. From the picture you can see the new hole on the left is much bigger than the original.
OK, we are back on track. Tomorrow I plan on putting in the sink and start installing fixtures. Once the patina chemicals get here I will install the copper piece.

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