Sunday, October 12, 2008

No Concrete Countertop Yet

While working on the sink coloring I came up with a "great" idea this week. I told Sam I was using my artistic license. Then she reminded me I am an engineering and not an artist, so the last changeorder has been issued. We are still shooting for installation next weekend. If that doesn't happen I may be buying another convertible. I am waiting on my great idea to get here, it will be cool.
So Saturday I worked on the small cabinet that will cover up the top section of the brick wall that is bowed. Three of the shelves will be covered by sliding doors and the bottom shelf will be open with the brick exposed to the back. The corner pieces are just reinforcement until the glue dries.
I got the rest of the bath accessories installed too. The little things are starting to get done and it is starting to look more finished.

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Concrete countertops are a great option. There are also new green friendly countertops by a company called IceStone that uses concrete and recycled glass.