Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Air on the Ranch is Changing

Nights are getting cooler and the leaves are starting to drop. Sorry about the big gap between posts. Not that we have been slacking off but the finishing work on the countertop doesn't produce fun pictures. Friday night we met up with some friends and went down to the american royal bbq competition. A friend of a friend got us into the Worth Harley Davidson tent. Music was playing, beer was cold, and the ribs were unlimited. As Jared said, must have been a big problem.
Saturday night Bob Meyers our realtor invited us to see Charles Phoenix at the TWA museum sponsored by KC Modern. There was a slide show of 1950's KC landmarks, a vintage TWA flight attendant fashion show, and Charles presents old mid-century slides he has acquired. He is a regular guest on Martha Stuart.
TWA was based out of Kansas City and still has the museum here. The crown jewel is one of the only Lockheed Super Constellation planes in flying condition. It has been restored inside and out. Seating was old airport benches.
A current view of the ranch. All of the native grasses are flowering for the year.
Sam got the itch and decided to do some painting. Nera was helping prime.
We selected a light grey. The far wall will probably go a little darker with an accent stripe or two.
The past few weekends have been spent grinding and polishing the countertop. Lots of work with not much to show for it. The entire countertop has been wet-polished through 1500 grit and is very smooth and shiny. I have been looking at other countertops and decorative concrete and decided to add a little color.
First coat of blue acid stain. Since the concrete is very high strength and low permeability, it will take many applications to get the color I want. The stain is much brighter when it is wet and becomes more muted after washing.
Another coat of blue. I am going for a random light coloration.
Aaaah! No just kidding. After an application with a light green and tan. The wheat tan color goes on orange. After the extra is washed off it will blend in.
Just wait it will look cool. This week I will finish staining. End of this week and next weekend will be sealing and then installation.
At the advice of the resident structural engineer, the vanity went from floating to supported on four legs. Not that we questioned my vanity construction, just the stability of the studs.
Various trim project have been completed. Most notably we can shut and lock the bathroom door, ooooooo. Next week all of the bathroom hardware should show up, hooks, towel racks, toilet paper holder. We are getting closer.

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