Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer's Over Already?

And we just got the screen door on. It is one of the retractable kind. A few coats of paint and it blended right in. Now we can get some fresh air in the kitchen. The cats like watching animals on the back patio.
A current shot of the sink mold with the faucet knockouts. The molds are just about finished. This week I have to get a little sanding done and track down some latex admixture. The plan is to place concrete next saturday around noon. If you are interested in coming by the party just let me know. The board will drain towards one end with inset pieces for the countertop. I had to notch out the base board to get the correct angle. The brown stuff is sealing caulk to keep concrete out of the cracks.
The backsplash will have inlays with the tub surround tile. I used ribbed foam so the inlay will have a neat pattern. The back of the tiles are black because I burned off the fiber with a torch.
The door is close, we should be able to mount it anytime. We are deciding on the mounting for the lock.

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