Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finally some progress

Or something to add to the blog. While the concrete countertop was curing we have been busy with work, life, and everything that comes with it. John's parents were out for a weekend so we showed them around and ate way too much. But it was good. Now time to get back to work.
John got tired of wrastling the air hoses in the garage and mounted a hose reel. It took a couple really long trips to the harbor freight in independence before he realized we have one just up the road.
The concrete was resting on saw horses but it seemed like a precarious position. I built a rolling frame with leveling screws. Time to starting polishing the countertop.
Some initial grinding. I know the picture isn't very good but the top piece has been ground and the bottom without. Polishing removes some of the surface paste and white calcium hydroxide, revealing the true color.

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