Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nice day to polish concrete

Today was a nice day and I rolled the sink into the driveway to grind. The grinding wheel doesn't fit into the corners, and this sink has lots of corners. Tight places have to be sanded by hand. This was a messy operation and I was soaking wet the entire day. Most of the initial grinding is complete and ready for a coat of slurry.
I punched a hole in the beef stock box and used that as the water feed. This was the beginning of the day when I made a nice lip to protect me from splashing water. Later on I just got wet. My poor bald head got a little pink.
Eventually moved up to a milk jug water feed.
Here is the progress, a little splotchy from drying out but you get the picture. The bright white areas towards the front are low spots that need to be ground out or filled in. First grind was with 800 grit and is pretty smooth. After the slurry coat I will work up to 1500 grit before sealing.
A cleaned up back splash. The inlay area will get lightly stained to bring it out.

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Samantha and John said...

Yes, Eric was using two lawnmowers.