Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mid-May Garden Post

At this point in the year we are averaging a post a month, not that great. There are some big project to dos on the list so posts should pick up. After getting the garden installed and all of the mulch hauled I took a bit of a break to just enjoy.
The garden is almost completed planted now. I thinned the sumac and used the sticks for pea supports. So far it seems to be working. The peas have pods and are filling out. The bamboo behind is a trellis for the cucumbers. It's been cool the past couple weeks, cool and rainy, so the lettuce is happy but the tomatoes and peppers are just holding steady.

The lettuce patch still looks full even after some significant trimming. We have had plenty to eat and have been giving away bags of extra. Who knew a 4x4 patch would be so productive. Since the last house didn't get more than a couple hours of sun, I'm still getting used to things growing well and being relatively short.

The tomato production bed interplanted with beets. The tomatoes have had weeks of rain and should shoot up a foot on the next warm day.

A shot facing out. The cool weather crops are close to being done and the warm weather ready to take off. Everything is probably planted a bit too far apart but better that than too close.
Bed 1 - eating tomatoes, green onions, basil, bush beans, spinach; Bed 2 - Cucumbers, peas, lettuce; Bed 3-Broccoli, bush beans, peppers, greens, shallots; Bed 4-Radishes, canning tomatoes, beets, sweet corn

Broccoli is starting to head up. We have had a couple cuttings from the broccoli raab so far. At the old place I could never get the broccoli to form heads before it got hot and bolted so this is definitely a win. 
This weekend Sam has arranged some help to get the trailer skin on. That will look like some big progress. In the near future it will get moved to the new garage so I will have a much harder time ignoring it. I guess it's time to get back to work. 

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