Saturday, April 18, 2015

April Showers

Today it's raining on and off and the yard is looking very green. Thursday we got our first batch of lettuce from the garden and probably could use another cutting already. I'm fighting grass and weeds from below and random weeds from the soil in the new beds so it looks rather unkempt right now. A few hours of pulling grasses should get things cleaned up.  
Some of the radishes are ready. I've planted enough that we should be able to make some radish salads or even pickle them.
The peonies are doing quite well after removing all of the wild onions that were crowding them out. Last year they were crushed by the roofers and we didn't get to see their color. Looks like they are going to be white.
I was hoping to get the tomatoes to May 1 for planting, but they have other plans. The pop up greenhouse has allowed them plenty of space and heat. I have a few that are thinking about blooming so it is time to get them in the ground. We are past the historical last frost date and the next couple weeks looks to be warm so they should be fine.

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