Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Next House: Part 2 Water, Water, Everywhere

Gather round kids and let me tell you a story. So three days before we were set to close we got a call from the realtor with "news." One of the neighbors reported water running out the front door. Not just the bottom of the front door, but the top and the garage too. They couldn't get in touch with the selling realtor and ended calling the fire department to shut off the water. Sounds fun already, right? In the last cold snap we had a pipe freeze in the ceiling and it ran for 3-4 days before someone saw it.
We headed over that night to investigate. The front door was wet and so swollen it took some doing to get it open. Since this picture all of the paint has come off so we are looking pretty classy.
The pipe burst over the front entry closet and water filled up the house. The carpet in the picture is completely soaked and that's on the other end of the house from the break.

It ran right through the ceiling and even down the mail slot. 
Some trim popped off and floated away from the entry. You can see the high water mark.

Needless to say we ended up postponing the closing. The insurance company paid to have everything dried out for mold remediation which included pulling floors, drywall, and some ceilings. So the house that needed a bunch of work now needs even more. 

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