Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mid-Summer Updates

Hard to believe that next week is fourth of July and the summer is half over. It has been a busy summer so far and seems like we haven't spent any time at home.
We took at trip to Alaska and spent some time at Denali national park. The snow was just melting and temperatures were mild.
This is a view from the cabin we stayed at.

Winston went for his first snowmobile ride. 
He was a pretty good sport and just hung out for hiking. Everything was brown when we got there and green when we left a week later.
We took nature cruise to Kenai Fjords national park, saw a glacier, and lots of humpback whales.

The tiki party was a big hit with Park Ranger playing the back patio. 

 We also attended a 60th anniversary party for Sam's grandparents in Wisconsin. Winston got to play with all the cousins.

The garden is is full swing. With the rather cool and wet spring moving into hot weather, the tomatoes and peppers are very happy. 
I harvested some of the garlic this weekend. If there is one thing we can grow it is garlic. This is a new type called Spanish Rojas that produced some giant heads with just regular looking leaves.
The wildflowers are in full bloom. Last year we had lots of bees, although about a month later, but I haven't seen many so far. 

Father's day consisted of bacon, the zoo, and gin and tonics. I would say it was very successful. The KC zoo has two baby orangutans. Winston pretty much just watched the other kids and ignored the animals. 

 Oh yeah, we still have a trailer. It is finally into the wiring stage. The revised plan is to try and get it skinned before snow.

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