Thursday, May 2, 2013

Early May Garden Tour

This week we have hit 80 degrees a few times. The garden is in small but full swing. I ran out this evening to get some pictures, oh yeah it is snowing. Well as you can see the tomatoes are growing big under their buckets. Thank god the cucumbers are still inside.

Garlic is looking healthy. If we can grow anything it is garlic. I planted these in October and even with the cold snowy winter, they look great. 

We also have lettuce dialed in. Lettuce has been producing for about a month. Here is a shot of the lettuce under the hoop house in the snow. I cut everything completely back on Sunday. Four days later we are back in business. I have three lettuce varieties that really work, parris island cos which is an heirloom romaine, rouge d'hiver which is a red romaine lettuce, and black seeded simpson which is a good general purpose lettuce. I also started spinach inside and those add nicely to the flavor. 

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