Monday, March 12, 2012

Nice Spring Rain

This was the first weekend that truly felt like spring. We hit 70s on Saturday and 60s in the rain on Sunday. Sunday was a nice spring rain pretty constant and light all day.
Saturday we worked outside all day. The grasses in the front and around the berm in back got cut and beds cleaned up.

Sam spent the day raking out the front yard in attempt to grow grass. Last year we stripped the front yard and completely reseeded. Mid-June mold wiped out a third of the front yard so we ended up with dead spots. Sam broke up the hard spots and in the rain Sunday we seeded. It is supposed to be in the 70s all week and we should have some new grass soon.

Here is a current shot of the garden. Not much happening yet, but soon.

Lettuce and spinach are moving right along in the hoop house. Unfortunately I probably put the peas out a little early and a few got frozen. The first of April the rest of the peas are scheduled to be planted and I will have to catch up then. 

All of the garlic is up and looking good. 

And in trailer news, all of the metal frame painting is completed and we ordered the materials start the putting the floor back on.
We have stuff going on every weekend through Easter and trailer work will resume in April.

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