Monday, March 5, 2012

Better Than Scratch

This weekend was a watershed for the trailer, it started going back together. We demo'd everything back to the frame. This little 1965 Shasta Compact has an Atwood frame with electric brakes that are in great condition. I think the massive amount of dirt and bee hives protected it from too much damage.
Last weekend I sanded the dirt and rust from the frame. When I moved the trailer outside to wash it, well you can clearly see where it was.
 I have restored a few vehicles and my go to rustproofing always in POR 15. It is a system that requires a good cleaning, coating with zinc phosphate, and rust proof coating. The paint bonds to existing rust and cures with moisture. The unfortunate part is that I slopped a little above my gloves and it really sticks. I will be lecturing this week with black spots on my arms.

So, if we are starting from scratch on the trailer we are slightly better than scratch. Everything looks brand new. The bumper and tongue are getting a couple coats of white paint. 
Next comes new framing and floor, should start resembling a trailer soon.

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