Sunday, January 8, 2012

Warning: This Post May Cause Physical Illness

I'm serious, if you are ever thinking of owning a vintage trailer, do not continue reading.
Here is what our little trailer looked like just a few weeks ago.

This weekend was the bulk of the demolition. The back and curb side walls were the most rotted. They came off with little more than a few taps with a hammer.

The kitchen and cabinets were by far the most solid part. Although, solid is pretty relative.

Here is a random shot you don't normally see. This is looking from the closet through the opening for the ice box and out the front door.

An indoor tornado?

Ever wonder how big of a pile a shasta makes on the floor? Here you go.

Demo is almost complete. In the next week we will pull off the floor and start refinishing the frame.

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Abbie said...

You guys always take on enormous projects with apparent ease, but this one really takes the cake. I can't imagine rebuilding something like this. I look forward to your progress photos!