Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goshen We Have a Problem

With the weather getting colder I'm motivated to get the trailer running so I can get  back into the garage. This week I picked up a temporary light kit and pulled the trailer to get inspected at the highway department. Good news, we passed. It seemed to pull straight and without a problem with the element.

After I got back from the inspection it seemed like the trailer was leaning more than usual. It always had a list towards the right rear due to some rotted wood. However, this seemed to be getting worse.

Upon closer inspection it indeed was looking at little more crunched than previous.

Turns out that the wood I thought was in bad shape, actually wasn't even connected to the frame. So the right rear corner was sitting on the rear bumper. Since a good deal of the structural members are gone and the aluminum isn't very strong, it was crushing at every bump. 

Since I don't want to loose the skin or break a window, this needs to get shored up before I haul it to storage. Well, the temporary solution was jacking up the entire cabin. 

Eight inches of lift later we are back to level. I will have to put in some more secure temporary supports to get it across town to storage. 

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