Friday, October 7, 2011

Bikes, Trailers, and Doors

We have been slowly plugging along on the on-going projects. The weather in Kansas City has been perfect the last month or so and we have been trying to enjoy it. So here goes.
I pulled the trailer wheels, repacked the bearings, cleaned up and painted the wheels, and got new tires. I should be road-worthy enough to get the title and move to its winter home.

Meanwhile, Sam has been working on our new front door. It was a little hassle getting a plain door to modify. We got a couple kits from Crestview Doors. The top three windows have reeded glass. The long bottom window is a clear viewing window for Portland. 

The other notable news this week was that Sam took on a construction zone with her bike and lost. We ended up in the ER last Thursday getting her checked out. Everything is fine and she is moving better after a few days.

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