Friday, November 12, 2010

Tree Day 2010

Last weekend Roe Circle engaged in another community yard cleanup. These cleanup days are escalating and each time getting bigger pieces of equipment. This time we rented a 45ft lift to trim trees. Each of us had been watching the dead limbs grow and just waiting for one to fall on a car. Since we already had one drop through a skylight this year, it was time to clean things up.
Eric and Elise supplied monkey pancaked and sausage for breakfast to give everyone strength.
The oaks around the circle we pretty easy to get since we could drive to them. Jerad and I had a little more difficulty getting to the elms over our house. Bearhugging a log while Jerad cuts, looking directly into a skylight is a little nerve racking.

We had to stop for more sausage at lunchtime. It was a good day to sit outside eating bratwurst and drinking Oktoberfest.
Next came the leaning pine tree.
Turns out it works better if you cut it.
We used Mark's yard for staging and he worked the whole weekend cutting branches down to get them in the trailer.
We ended up generating about three piles this size.
A file photo for reference. Notice all of the trees behind me.
Most of those trees were either garabage trees or growing into our power lines. Instead of keeping any, I opted to loose them all so we can plant something nice.
Wow, it's pretty big back here. The garden will go nuts next year since these were blocking all of the sunshine.

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