Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ok, It's Finally Fall

The weather is cool and we might turn on the heat this week. Ok, I will admit it is finally fall. This past weekend Sam went to Milwaukee for a concert and I collected leaves with the Roecirclites.
Sunday I ran 50 miles at the Blue Springs 50/50. The day was pretty nice until the wind picked up. It was a leg course and half of the legs were into the wind. Normally I don't take good pictures during long races. This one I ate and drank much more than I ever have and guess what, felt pretty good.
Me finishing and still looking human. I set a new PR of 8:33.
Sam got a new haircut last week. I thought I would include a picture because it looks really good.
Cold weather means cleaning out the garden. I need to can this week to get rid of some of the peppers. Anybody know what to do with lots of green tomatoes?
A few are pretty big.
Next weekend is Sam's big adventure race. Her mountain bike bruises are healing so it is time for a fresh set.

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Lesley said...

Hi! We ripened about 50 pounds of green tomatoes inside. Followed this guy's directions...


Made lots of salsas and marinara sauces with the bounty.

Lesley @ midmodredo.com