Sunday, March 7, 2010

That's Good Sunshine

This past weekend was so nice. It was sunny and warm so we both had motivation for some projects. We went for a bike ride and did a little shopping. For the first time this year we opened the doors and the cats spent the weekend watching squirrels and our chipmunk. The foxes are back and leaving half eaten forest creatures in the backyard. Overall it was very productive for everyone.
Portland started the weekend sunning the belly.
Sam worked outside cleaning flower beds. The tulips and daffodils grew a few inches each day. We might have some blooming flowers by the end of the week.
Align Center I picked up some extra ipe wood from Jerad and started building the raised beds for the garden.
There will end up being five boxes. I manged to get two finished this weekend.
I built a mold for some concrete and ipe planters for the side deck. Hopefully spring is here for good.

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