Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ta Da!

One year ago this weekend Sam moved into the house. I was finishing a post doc in Iowa until August. We had worked on the house for about six weeks. My sister came to visit and endured the cats sleeping on the living room floor. Both bedrooms were construction zones so our bed was in the kitchen. We had a shower, but no floor, drywall, ceiling, and toilet upstairs. A sheet covered the hole between the bathroom and living room and a salvaged door blocked view from the front door.
Well today marked another big day. We finished the master bedroom, and I mean completely finished it! All the trim is done and the headboard got mounted.
The are a couple deep drawers under the bed for winter item storage. We have been sleeping on the floor for so long both Sam and I have to get used to the ceiling being close.I also managed to get the picture rail mounted. This is a really slick unit. A very small aluminum rail mounts to plastic anchors. Cables of various sizes and types then attach to the rail. Everything is clean, hidden, and adjustable. If you are looking for a way to mount pictures with flexibility check out, we got the clickrail system. Eventually the Dali's will got here, but I had to try it out.
Other than that we smoked a ton of delicious meat a Jerad's yesterday while hanging by the pool. When the sun went down we had an impromptu fireworks display with Dustin's interpretive dancing. Today between working on the house, Sam and I did a 12 mile run. Next weekend is a mid-summer 50k race so not much will get accomplished. The next big push is to get the second bedroom finished. That means I have to build a bed.

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