Sunday, July 26, 2009

Much needed updates

We have been pretty busy and lacking in the post department lately.
Let's get caught up.
My brother James visited one weekend, here is the view from the WWI Memorial. I had minor surgery on my wrist.
Sam is my left hand for a few weeks.
I went to Sacramento, saved a client 2-5 million dollars, and saw a wildfire.
On the circle, Mark is making really good progress.
The red house has a new roof.
We did an aid station at the Rock Creek Night race.

And we managed to lie around the pool and have a few drinks.
Alright, how about some house updates. The garden is going crazy. We have started eating tomatoes, peppers, peas, and radishes. The corn is looking good and the squash has begun to take over everything.
The drawer fronts are finished, not on but finished. The first slider is complete.
Trim in the second bedroom is finished!
Sam, Jerad, and Mark helped place the concrete for the desk in the second bedroom. Here is the mold with blue and green crushed glass.
The concrete is white. I will grind the top to expose the colored glass.

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