Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy November

I know, who can believe it is November already? This morning Sam guilted me into running at Wyco. It was 50 and foggy and eventually warmed up into the 60s. Hmmm, November in KC, not bad. This weekend the main goal is to get the sink installed and functioning. I spent the last week or so trying to get the fixtures installed with the sink in place. It just wasn't working so Eric came over and helped move the sink, again. Sam and I worked on it this afternoon and got everything hooked up.
Chris came over in Halloween party costume and helped get it muscled back into place. Hey, one step closer.
This week the patina chemicals came. I don't know how the color will hold up to toothpaste, but it looks cool right now.
I got an email that the mirror has been shipped. I wonder what I look like, it has been a few months since we had a mirror in a bathroom.

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